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Rozumiem, nie pokazuj tego komunikatu
We offer a new brand of powerful and highly effective cleaning and protective yacht maintenance products based on nanotechnology. The products are named after famous frenchman Pascal Villanova, a man of quality, superiority, speed and perfection. Developed and produced by Vossen Laboratories in Holland, the products have proved to be powerful and durable.

The most powerful cleaners do the work themselves and restore almost all materials back into their original state. Using our durable nanotechnology protectors you will keep these materials almost endless in this state. The products are for use on:

  •   Hull, deck & teak
  •   Glass & stainless steel
  •   Canvas
  •   Interior surfaces
  •   Electricity and electrics
  •   Fuel & oil
  •   Bilge & tanks
  •   antifouling

Boat Maintenance using “Villanova” products  is simple and durable.

Distributed and sold in Poland by Norpol Yachting.


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