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Rozumiem, nie pokazuj tego komunikatu
Builder of modern cruising catamarans for coastal or inshore sailing and seagoing catamarans for offshore cruising. Built to exacting standards using modern technology they are offered for sale at very reasonable prices.

Aventura Catamarans are built by the STGI boatyard in Tunis, building catamarans and monohulls. We offer the catamarans ranging from 20-43 feet. The smallest models; 20ft and 23.5ft are ideal for inshore cruising and sailing on lakes. They can be "folded" and transported on road trailers. The largest models; 33ft and 43ft, are proper offshore cruising catamarans. The latest model is the Aventura 10 Power a modern 33 ft power catamaran.

All Aventura Catamarans are sandwich constructions built in fiberglass using polyester resins. As standard they come with aluminum spars, sails, standing and running rigging - ready to sail away.


ul. Sukiennicza 8/UC2a
31-069 Cracow
phone: +48 501 036 709