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Rozumiem, nie pokazuj tego komunikatu
Probably the most exciting cruising catamarans in the World! These stylish new performance catamarans features modern and elegant lines, powerful sails, light weight and contemporary accommodations. Although inspired by racing multihulls they are safe, comfortable and luxurious.

There are people who want to to have something special - the best, the fastest, the most beautiful, the most modern ... we present to you a truly unique range of fast cruising catamarans from BAÑULS Catamarans - the first model to hit the water is the BAÑULS 60 and will be followed by the smaller BAÑULS 53 and the larger BAÑULS 78 .

BAÑULS Catamarans created a series of sophisticated, ultralight cruising catamarans for the discerning multihull sailor. Futuristic, strikingly elegant lines combined with spacious and open minimalist style accommodations on a safe, comfortable and luxurious platform on which you can explore the world's oceans - at speed! So far, the BAÑULS 60 Catamaran has achieved speeds in excess of 30 knots!

All models are constructed using high tech composite materials such as epoxy resins, e-glass and carbon fiber while using the latest building techniques. The hardware is properly sized and rigorously tested on racing multihulls, many elements are built in carbon fire including the spars.

It's obvious to us that the experienced owner of a BAÑULS Catamaran may want to incorporate some custom solutions to personalize the boat to own requirements. Because of this the full range is offered on a semi-custom basis.

Contact us and let us know more about your dreams.


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31-069 Cracow
phone: +48 501 036 709