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We recommend that you insure your yacht with Pantaenius - the specialists for yacht insurance. We advise you comprehensively throughout the process; not just at the closing of the insurance policy, but at any time from quote to claim. We are at your side during the claim settlement with our expert knowledge and an extensive network of insurance surveyors, shipyards and more than 40 years of experience – especially in claims where the circumstances are complicated.

For 40 years Pantaenius has been providing yacht insurance to yacht owners all over the world. With over 70,000 clients Pantaenius is the number one insurance provider in Europe delivering true local service when you need it most.

Our promise is that you will always speak with professionals who will provide you with the most comprehensive insurance cover available and in the unfortunate event of a claim, will provide you with the famous Pantaenius hands on claims management. Whatever happens to your yacht and wherever you are in the world, Pantaenius knows the places and people who can help.

Pantaenius is the only yacht insurance company that fully operates in 8 different languages and manages over 6,000 claims worldwide each year. We are proud to have our own claims department that is not outsourced and can be reached at anytime! Seven days a week, 24 hours a day and in the night our experienced staff are there for you in an emergency. Quick and competent handling is our highest priority.

Through our wealth of experience we have established a worldwide network of branches and partners to speed you through the process in the unfortunate event of an incident. We maintain more than 35,000 contacts with authorities, organisations, dealers, manufacturers and marina operators who can provide us with the best support in the event of searches and losses.

Professional conduct in the settlement of claims is what Pantaenius is known for. Come what may!

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