transportable trimarans – the best compromise

 a desire to design a boat meeting different practical use criteria, namely:

  • a performance boat for having fun, but which also allows sailing alone,
  • easy to transport in order to enjoy different places,
  • having a low cost of  using and maintenance,
  • a small cabin to shelter materials and the crew.


The ASTUSBOATS company was created by Jean-Hubert POMMOIS in 2004. He had a desire to design a boat meeting different practical use criteria. The concept of the transportable trimaran appeared to be the best solution. Astus 20.1 was born and production started in 2005. Since then several models have been made and today more than 400 boats are sailing all around the world (Europe, USA, Peru, New Zealand….).

Today’s range consists of three models (16.5, 20.5 and 24) while a new model for 2020 is in the making – the Astus 22.5.


founder and managing director of ASTUSBOATS

transportable trimaran expert

The company Astusboats is located in Brech, close to La Trinité-Sur-Mer and the Golfe du Morbihan, a delightful place to sail.

Astusboats is a design, assembly, and trade boat company.

The equipment (molds) for the design of the parts is manufactured at the boatyard which enables perfect control of the equipment and offers specific adaptations.

The boat assembly is realized in an adapted workshop (isolated, warmed), it enables a production continuity all over the year under optimal conditions.

Astusboats uses good local suppliers (sails, stainless) in order to guarantee the best quality of its products, which are made in Brittany.

Main features of Astusboats trimarans:

  • Retractable floats without dismantling on the water or on land
  • Easy to rig single-handed
  • Transportable
  • Pivoting rudder and centerboard controlled from the cockpit
  • Large stable platform with two large trampolines
  • Large and safe cockpit
  • Shallow draft
  • Leisure or sport versions



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