Fuel F1

€25,00 - €182,00

Fuel F1 is a high-tech fuel additive, based on a bio-enzymatic catalyst to extend the lifetime of fuel. Fuel F1 is suitable for all types of diesel and gasoline engines.

The characteristics:
• Slows down the oxidation process.
• Disperses water in the diesel , so it won’t remain in the tank but incinerates with the diesel.
• Breaks down deposits into small particles that incinerate.
• Optimizes the combustion of diesel and contributes to a cleaner environment due to less soot emission and a lower fuel consumption.
• Converts deposits in the fuel tanklines and injectors, valves, pistons and spark plugs to small particles that incinerate.
• Slows the aging/degradation of certain fuel components and ‘fixes’ old and dirty fuel.

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Available in
 1 l  € 25
 2,5 l  € 56
 5 l  € 101
 10 l  € 182

Instructions for use:

  • Add 1 litre Fuel F1 to 1000 litres of diesel. In case of extreme pollution, temporarily increase the dose to 2 litres to 1000 litres of diesel.
  • Add 1,5 litres Fuel F1 to 1000 litres of gasoline. In case of extreme pollution, temporarily increase the dose to 3 litres in 1000 litres of gasoline.

Note: In the first application, by spreading sludge and other deposits, the fuel filters might become clogged or loaded. Please check the fuel filters at the first signs of reduced performance and keep extra filters on hand for possible replacement. Once the system is clean, the filters will last longer and the emission of smoke and soot are clearly reduced.

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