Hull & Deck Cleaner Foam organic


Hull & Deck Cleaner Foam (organic) is a high quality and powerful foaming cleaner for the easy removal of old wax layers, scale and pollution on teak and polyester. It is safe for use on chrome and stainless steel as well. The types of pollution that can be easily removed: iodine stains, sun screen, grease, oil, protein, soot, heavily caked dirt, fuel, road debris, nicotine stains, old wax, rubber stripes, …

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 5 l € 97,50


Instructions for use:

  • Hull & Deck Cleaner Foam (organic) dilute with water; 1:10 for normal pollution and 1:5 for extreme pollution.
  • Apply with a soft broom or nozzle,
  • Let the product work up to 15 minutes (don’t let it dry).
  • Then a little light polishing with a white scrubpad or a soft broom: rinse with plenty of water.
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