Oil F1

€16,95 – €49,95

Oil F1 is a high-quality oil additive based on nano-technology, containing “Security Brake Complex” (SBC). Especially developed for engines, transmissions and gearboxes. Oil F1 contains no inert substances. It reduces stick-slip, friction and wear in engines, transmissions, gearboxes, etc. Under dry running conditions (starting torque), for instance after a long stop, the “SBC” shortly takes over the lubrication and ensures that no metal parts will rub against each other. The “SBC” takes care of molecular change of the top layer (metallurgical effect), in such a way that this layer acts as a sliding layer at high pressures. This gives less wear, noise reduction and lower oil and fuel.

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Available in
 250 ml  € 16,95
500 ml € 26,50
1 l € 49,95


Instructions for use:

  • To a new or not worn engine: add 4% to the oil.
  • To engines that show wear: add 6%.
  • When changing the oil, add Oil F1 again.
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