Shell & Heavy Rust Remover

€9,95 – €148,50

Shell & Heavy Rust Remover is a high-quality and very powerful cleaning product for easy removal of heavy rust and accrued shells – for use on yachts.

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Available in
 500 ml  € 9,95
1 l € 16,50
5 l € 78,50
10 l € 148,50


Instructions for use:

  • Dilute the Shell & Heavy Rust Remover for normal pollution to 5% and for extreme pollution to 20%.
  • Apply with a pressure sprayer, soft broom or sponge. Let the product soak for at least 5 minutes, but avoid drying : Keep the surface moist with water.
  • Then rinse the surface with plenty of water until the cleaning product is completely gone.
  • If necessary, repeat the application.
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