ASTUS 22.5

ASTUS 22.5
optional foils

ASTUS 22.5

The major success of the Astus 16.5 and 20.5 has led to an extension of the model range signed by VPLP Design. As a result, the brand-new Astus 22.5 will be ready to sail summer of 2021.

True to the successful concept of Astus trimarans, the Astus 22.5 is also retractable and transportable, but this time with the option to install foils, a new thrilling feature on Astus trimarans. In addition, she is modern and fast, with a length of 6.95 m, a width of 4.90 m, and the possibility to sleep 4, which will be ideal for family outings.

The Astus 22.5 is road legal with a width of 2.52 m when folded on its road trailer.
Changing the sailing area is no longer a problem thanks to the folding system of the floats without dismantlement.
With the mast rising kit, you are independent of rigging your boat.
With a weight of only 720kg, it can be towed by mid-sized vehicles.

If you choose the foils version, the mobile appendages in their wells will facilitate speed and glide for even sportier sailing; the foils relieve the floats limiting their drag, the central hull remaining in contact with the water.

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Teaser test:

ASTUS 22.5

Length overall 8,30 m
Length central hull 6,95 m
Beam overall 4,90 m
Beam folded 2,49 m
Mast length 9 m
Draught 0,34 -1,40 m
Weight 650 kg
Mainsail 21 m2
Jib 9 m2
Gennaker 32 m2
Hull construction vacuum infusion
Architect VPLP Design

49 100 EUR

The main features of Astus 22.5:

  • transportable
  • accommodation for 4 persons
  • optional foils
  • vacuum construction
  • light, fast and fun!
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