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We are delighted to announce NEEL TRIMARANS 10th Anniversary and a Limited Edition of the NEEL 51 with a special discount. Contact us for complete details and a VIP appointment to see and test her.

Norpol Yachting is proud to present the cruising trimaran NEEL 51. This model was carefully developed with great emphasis on enabling every sailor to navigate it. NEEL 51 does not sail entirely flat in optimal conditions, like cruising catamarans, only in a light, steady heel with the windward float raised slightly above the water. Thanks to this, it achieves impressive speeds, with no problem speeding up to 15 – 18 knots. The engine mounted in the main hull allows obtaining a speed above 9 knots.

For most sailors, the interior and cockpit layout will be a surprise. NEEL 51 has four very comfortable two-person cabins with toilets; one of them is a 10m2 owner’s suite located on the saloon level. Huge glass surfaces both in this cabin and in the superstructure walls provide excellent visibility around the yacht. The shipyard also introduced an exciting term for the ample space created after combining the cockpit and saloon – the Cockloon®.  And indeed, after sliding open the doors, one massive area for recreation and dining is obtained, comfortably seating 12 persons.

The helm and sail handling is located on the bridge on the same level as the so-called flybridge or terrace on the roof of the superstructure used for relaxation.

Here is a link to a virtual tour onboard NEEL 51:



Length 15,60 m
Beam 8,90 m
Depth 1,80 m
Displacement (light) 14 000 kg
Engine 75 hp
Fresh water tank 600 l
Fuel tank 600 l
Sail area 171,5 m2
Main sail 97 m2
Jib 31 m2
Genoa 74,50 m2
Spinnaker 188 m2

Remarkable Prize Winning Blue Water Trimaran - winner of:
* European Yacht Of The Year 2018.
* Multihull of the year 2018.
* Best Boat 2019 (USA)

  • NEEL 51 offers more space inside, a more practical interior layout and better performance than corresponding catamarans this size.
  • The sliding doors connect the saloon to the cockpit and open fully to form an open plan living space, the “cockloon”,  featuring a sociable dining area for up to 12 guests.
  • The 10m2 owner’s suite on the main deck level offers an uninterrupted panoramic view of the horizon direct from the bed, through the 2m wide window.
  • The NEEL 51 provides exceptional technical storage thanks to the huge “basement” technical zone reserved for equipment in the central hull.
  • NEEL 51 has won 3 prizes in 2018; European Yacht of the year 2018, Multihull of the year 2018 and Best Boat 2019 (USA)
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