LEEN-TRIMARANS a new powerboat brand

LEEN-TRIMARANS a new powerboat brand

After 10 years of building amazing sailing trimarans, NEEL-TRIMARANS introduced a series of new ecological power trimarans. LEEN-TRIMARANS are trawler-type power-multihulls with trans-Atlantic range. A designed long-range cruising speed of 12 knots enables them to cross the Atlantic in less than 10 days!

LEEN-TRIMARANS are estimated to be several times more fuel-efficient than typical monohulled trawler yachts and 30% more fuel-efficient than power catamarans.

Designed by experts and enthusiasts, they bring together all the qualities of yachts designed for demanding owners: elegance, performance, comfort, great autonomy, safety, and remarkable sea passage. Their modern and refined lines ensure a unique and timeless look.

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