ASTUS 26.5

ASTUS 26.5
transport by road trailer
high performance

The new Astus 26.5, the range’s flagship, is a sleek and versatile trailerable trimaran designed for thrilling sailing experiences and comfortable cruising. This trimaran perfectly balances performance and practicality with a hull length of 7,90 metres.

The Astus 26.5 boasts a modern and stylish appearance, with sporty lines and a well-thought-out deck layout. Its spacious cockpit with coamings for added protection when sailing provides ample room for the crew, offering comfortable seating and easy access to controls. The design prioritises functionality, making it suitable for experienced sailors and those new to the sport.

Despite its compact size, the interior of the Astus 26.5 is intelligently designed to maximise space and comfort. Below deck, you’ll find a cosy cabin that can accommodate four people for overnight stays or weekend adventures. It typically includes a simple but functional galley with an icebox, a dining area that can convert into a sleeping space, and a forward cabin with a toilet that can be separated from the saloon.

Customisable, the Astus 26.5 allows sailors to personalise the trimaran, choosing between equipment packs catering to diverse preferences and sailing styles. This adaptability ensures that each boat can be tailored to meet specific needs, whether for competitive racing or leisurely cruising.

The prototype will be presented in the summer of 2024 and available on the market from September 2024.

The Astus 26.5, built using the infusion process, will be offered in three versions, depending on your sailing schedule:

  • A leisure version for quiet family cruising.
  • A cruising version, to go further afield.
  • A sports version to satisfy the needs of racing sailors.

A ready-to-sail boat with mainsail and jib will cost around 90.000 EUR VAT included.

ASTUS 26.5

Hull length 7,90 m
Beam unfolded 5,80 m
Beam folded on the water 2,99 m
Beam folded on the road trailer 2,52 m
Weight 1 100 kg
Mainsail 25-28 m2
Jib 11-13 m2
Gennaker 30-34 m2
Category C – 5 persons, D – 7 persons
Hull construction Vacuum infusion
Architect VPLP


The main features of Astus 26.5:

  • Transportable, with its specially adapted trailer and floats on telescopic tubes.
  • Economical to run with minimal maintenance and easy storage at home.
  • Nomadic, thanks to the ease with which it can be moved to different waters.
  • Customisable, with ‘à la carte’ options depending on your sailing programme: leisure, cruising, sport.
  • Stable and safe, with its large-volume, inverted stem floats.
  • All-purpose, with its centreboard pivoting on the central hull
  • High-performance, with modern, sporty lines, a planing hull that glides smoothly and improves speed.
  • Comfortable, with a tulip-shaped hull to deflect sea spray and create more living space for four persons on short comfortable cruises.
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