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Norpol Yachting is proud to announce the birth of a trawler-type motor trimaran – introducing the LEEN 72 Trawler Trimaran – Elevating Luxury Exploration on the High Seas!

Discover a new luxury and maritime adventure realm with the LEEN 72 Trawler Trimaran. This exceptional vessel combines the grace and stability of a trimaran design with the luxurious comforts of a world-class trawler, redefining how you experience long-range cruising and oceanic exploration.

The LEEN 72 is a testament to cutting-edge design and precision engineering. Its innovative trimaran configuration offers unparalleled stability, ensuring a smooth and comfortable voyage even in challenging sea conditions. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this vessel seamlessly blends form and function, presenting a striking profile on the water while delivering unmatched performance.

Ascend to the commanding heights of the flybridge, where luxury takes on a whole new dimension. Bask in the awe-inspiring views as you command your journey from an elevated vantage point. Whether navigating through marinas or sailing across expansive waters, the flybridge offers a sanctuary of relaxation and control where your adventure unfolds under an open sky.

The heart of our Hybrid Trawler Trimaran beats with the synergy of a single-screw diesel engine in the main hull, complemented by whisper-quiet electric motors nestled within the amas. This groundbreaking setup offers many advantages—ensuring exceptional propulsion power while minimising emissions and maximising fuel efficiency. Cruise confidently, knowing you’re minimising your carbon footprint without compromising performance.

This ecological trimaran is expected to be much more energy-efficient than typical monohull trawler yachts and 30 per cent more energy-efficient than motor catamarans.

Experience the future of yachting as you set off on our Hybrid Trawler Trimaran. This vessel isn’t just a masterpiece; it’s a commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology, uncompromising comfort, and reverence for the environment. Sail into a new era where hybrid propulsion and elevated luxury unite perfectly. Your journey of elegance and sustainability starts here.


Length overall 21,80 m
Beam overall 8,85 m
Draft 1,20 m
Displacement unloaded 28 T (approx)
Displacement fully loaded 38 T (approx)
Fuel capacity 5 000 l
Water capacity 1 000 l
Engine power 300 – 500 hp
Ship designers Nivelt and Frutschi


Step into a world of refined luxury and comfort as you explore the interior of our Hybrid Trawler Trimaran. Every inch of the spacious living areas exudes sophistication, from the meticulously designed cabins to the lavish galley. With large windows framing stunning ocean vistas, every moment on board is a feast for the senses, creating a seamless connection between the elegance of your surroundings and the allure of the sea.

The layout, conceived and designed by Pierre Frutschi, offers two versions.

A version composed of 4 double cabins with bathrooms located in the central hull and the side floats.

A double guest cabin with a private bathroom and toilet occupies the front part of the trimaran’s middle hull. Another double cabin with a private bathroom and separate toilet is fitted in the aft part of the central hull. The two other double cabins with private bathrooms and toilets are in the port and starboard hulls.

A version with three double cabins with the owner’s cabin on the main deck is also available.

The entire starboard float is then dedicated to the owner. The master cabin is located on the main deck, and the shower, toilet, two washbasins and dressing room, in independent modules, are on the lower level of the float.

A cabin with a separate shower room and toilet occupies the front part of the trimaran’s central hull. A cabin with a private bathroom and separate toilet is located in the aft part of the main hull. Another double cabin with an en-suite bathroom and toilet is in the port float.

The layout of the LEEN 72 can also be completed with one or two additional cabins: a double cabin at the back of the starboard hull with a shower room and toilet and a single or double bed cabin at the back of the port hull. In the 5-cabin configuration, if space is also retained for storage, the LEEN 72 can accommodate up to 10 passengers.

The dining and kitchen area on the main deck is on the same level as the cockpit. A few steps up and forward is the deck lounge and bridge.

The quality furniture is designed in light-coloured wood and made by qualified cabinetmakers.


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ASTUS 14.5
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